The programme of study in Phase one acts a foundation to the GCSE courses that students follow in Phase two. Students enhance and refine skills that they have developed in Year 6 as well as gaining new skills and new approaches to the study of English Language and Literature.

In Year 7, students study a novel, a selection of poetry and short stories, an introduction to Shakespeare, a modern play and an introduction to Media studies. This is then developed in Year 8 when students study a novel, play, historian short stories and an introduction to Film Studies. Texts for each class are selected according to the ability and interests of the students to ensure maximum engagement and progress for all. We work closely with our excellent librarian to try to generate as many opportunities for our students which include selecting books to be studied and included in the library, taking part in National Reading groups, presenting at the Kernow Youth Book awards and meeting authors.

Throughout each scheme of learning, students develop their skills of inference, analysis and interpretation – exploring how effects are created to influence audiences and shape our world. After exploring the techniques that writers use, students develop their writing abilities by experimenting with language and structure in the creation of a range of different writing pieces for different audiences.

Award Winning Author Bali Rai Talks About The Importance of Reading

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