The Geography department hope to instil the ‘Wonder of Geography’ in our students and inspire them to know, understand and appreciate the world around them.

Year 7 Curriculum

  • Map Skills Passport
  • Evolving Planet ( Geological Time, Climate Change and Russia case study)
  • People and Places (Population and Urbanisation)
  • Smartphones and China (Industry and Supply Chains, and China Case Study)
  • A drop in the Ocean (Water Cycle and Rivers)

Year 8 Curriculum

  • A Fair World? (World Development)
  • Horn of Africa (Regional Case Study)
  • Natural Hazards
  • Coasts
  • Deserts

There is a strong emphasis on learning outside the classroom, with local and/or residential fieldwork opportunities taking place in every year group. Year 5/6 students from feeder primary schools undertake map skills and GIS fieldwork on site, Year 7 students practise their map skills on a treasure trail around the local area, Year 8 visit to Porth Beach as part of their coasts investigation. During each unit of work a homework “challenge” is set in Year 7 and 8, including our annual Volcano model competition.

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