Students have 3 lessons of maths a week and all maths is taught by specialist teachers. In phase one we concentrate on the foundation skills of all 4 areas of maths, Number, Algebra, Geometry and Data. Students are set based on their KS2 SAT’s scores which allows students to be taught with others of similar ability and also allows us to stretch, challenge and support students where necessary.

Our brightest mathematician’s take part in the UK junior maths challenge and the winners go on to challenge other students across the UK. As part of the Maths Enrichment Programme we run field trips throughout phase one with our most popular being Exeter racecourse. The aim of the day is to cover a wide range of the National Curriculum ideas through a variety of real life, stimulating and innovative activities. Students investigate relationships between weight and performance, fencing areas, perimeters, amongst other things and finish the day by watching a race.

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