Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

We are committed to the highest standards in Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education for all our students. Our delivery of whole-school SMSC provision is something that we are proud to call “The Tretherras Way”. It is the total combination of a rich and rewarding academic curriculum (including specialist SMSC lessons in years 7 to 9), our dedicated daily pastoral care and support, including our NT Character development course and a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular clubs and activities such as Year 7 Camp and Activities Week.

In years 7 to 9, students undertake weekly SMSC lessons that include such important issues as personal safety (including anti-bullying), relationships and sex education (RSE), a comprehensive drugs and alcohol education programme (DAE), internet safety, mental health, first aid and lessons designed to explore our core British Values (such as a belief in respecting and upholding the rule of law). For example, all our students participated in a Mock General Election to explore the decisions involved in making democratic choices. From year 10 on, the curriculum delivery changes to a series of drop-down days where students will be taken off timetable to explore further aspects of the SMSC curriculum in more detail. This will include activities designed to explore anti-extremism as part of the Government’s “Prevent Strategy” which is intended to challenge the potential development of extremist ideologies. Combined with increasingly detailed RSE and DAE, SMSC is essentially designed to prepare students for the complex reality of living in our fast changing twenty-first century UK.

We have also developed a set of seven core character traits that are relevant in all academic studies, pastoral activities and extra-curricular opportunities. Our NT Character programme is designed to help develop the essential character aspects of our students, and also to help them to succeed and flourish in the fast changing world of the 21st century – Self-Awareness, Ambition, Collaboration, Curiosity, Resilience, Responsibility and Empathy. These character traits are explored through a series of activities and challenges, and are celebrated at specific award ceremonies. For example, every year 8 tutor group competes to win The Tretherras Way Trophy though various competitions such as the notorious Paper Tower Challenge.

Our whole school SMSC approach is also central to our commitment to provide the highest standards of safeguarding for our students. NT was awarded a prize from HRH Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, in recognition of our trailblazing work in creating a group of “Ripple Effect” Restorative Mentors who work with year 7 students to help them to build new friendships, and to help solve friendship and other relationship problems if they arise. We also organise special events, such as the “Out Of The Silence” evening with Terry Waite CBE who talked to parents and students about his inspirational life.

“I am proud to teach at Tretherras because we firmly believe in developing the whole individual not just their academic potential, and to prepare them for the real world in which they will be living.” Mr G Jones.

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