Key Stage 3- Years 7,8 & 9

Respect at the heart of all we do

At Tretherras we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and valued. We encourage good manners and for everyone to be respectful of others.

We have a shared responsibility to ensure everyone has the right to learn and teach in an environment, which is free from disruption and from behaviour that prevents others from learning.

At Newquay Tretherras we all:

• Respect learning
• Respect ourselves and others
• Respect the environment

We expect our students to behave as good citizens in school, in the local community and as members of the Sixth Form. Their appearance and behaviour should reflect a positive image at all times, including their arrival and departure from the school.


Education is a partnership between the school, student and parents/carers, and we expect parents/carers to encourage their children to show respect and support the school’s authority in disciplining its students. We ask all parents to sign the Home School Agreement and expect our parents to support fully students’ compliance with our high standards of uniform and behaviour.

To support personal organisation and our students’ preparedness to learn, every Monday registration focuses on School uniform and equipment check. This supports the 3 P’s – that students are Polite, Punctual and Prepared.

A positive culture

At Tretherras we believe in a praise culture and will reward students for good behaviour, academic progress and attitude for learning in numerous ways.

Some examples include:

• Postcards home
• Raffle tickets – Prize draws
• Certificates
• Canteen ‘queue jump’ pass
• Cakes and Hot Chocolate at break with the Senior Leadership Team
• Cinema trips

The school also recognises outstanding achievement, progress and effort by nominating students for numerous awards, sending subject postcards home and recognising outstanding achievements with articles in the local press.

Please be aware that due to teaching commitments, staff will only be available to meet you if you have made an appointment in advance.

A Traditional and Broad Curriculum Offer