Work-Based Learning Programme

Newquay Tretherras is excited to be embarking upon an exciting journey to develop a new vocational programme, alongside local employers, in order to provide young people with the skills they need to succeed in the work place.

Continuing with our vision to support all students’ life opportunities, whether that is university or entering the world of work, this new initiative seeks to fill a skills gap, and keep skilled young people from Cornwall, in Cornwall.

The new and innovative Work-Based Learning approach will involve distinct elements over the course of the year, providing students with a “Pre-Traineeship” with which to progress into the world of work. In short, this is an education and training programme that is combined with real, beneficial, work experience and is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

At its core are Employability Skills; English and Maths (specifically tailored to the work place); and a high quality work experience placement.

All of which, we at Newquay Tretherras believe, will place our students in a much stronger position to obtain future employment in a very competitive world.

From September 2015, new Government rules require all young people to remain in education until their 18th birthday. Businesses cannot employ these young people during term-time, but do have the option of employing them during the summer, or for part-time weekend work.

These rules will make participating in our Work-Based Learning programme even more attractive for businesses looking to recruit young people into their ranks.

Business Partnerships
Newquay Tretherras is seeking to enter into partnership with organisations that are able to provide a structured role for our students, through which they will access new experiences; develop work-related competencies; grow in confidence; flourish as individuals; and become ready for the world of work.

Generally speaking, the biggest obstacle young people face when applying for jobs is their lack of experience, something this new, innovative course is seeking to overcome.

The Role of Business
Businesses have a really exciting opportunity to nurture, grow and support young people from Newquay Tretherras during their transition into the world of work.

We are keen to work closely with businesses that can provide structured work placements, across a variety of sectors and disciplines.

These placements will give our students a real taste of working life, and an introduction to the skills needed to secure a future job and succeed in employment.

Business Benefits
• Helping young people to develop the skills, abilities and attitude that are required to enter the world of work – positively for them, the business and the local economy.
• The opportunity to grow their own talent, by nurturing young people to fit the requirements of their business.
• Creating a trainee placement could be most cost effective than hiring skilled and experienced staff, leading to a reduction in overall training and recruitment costs.
• The opportunity to influence the curriculum to ensure that functional skills being taught by the Advanced Academy meet the needs of local employers.
• Developing rising stars for the future in the business.

Our Commitment
To ensure the success of the partnership, Newquay Tretherras commits to:
• Providing a support contract between the Business and Newquay Tretherras.
• Assisting businesses in the design of placement roles.
• Supplying an Exchange of Expectations document for each student taking part.
• Providing pastoral care to students in the workplace and at Newquay Tretherras.
• Undertaking regular work-based skills assessments.

Student Benefits
• By choosing the Pre-Traineeship programme, students will benefit from the support provided to enable them to achieve/exceed their academic potential, as well as developing their capacity to be a sought-after member of any employment team.
• Experience of dealing with real life customers and situations, and learning new skills and competencies as part of their work experience.
• Support within the Advanced Academy Centre.
• A carefully tailored lead-in programme, which prepares the student for the world of work.
• A Pre-Traineeship that, when completed, far better equips the student to compete for an Apprenticeship or a Job.
• Building a CV with examples of work-based competency skills with practical experience.
• Improving English and Maths skills, which will boost the chances of getting a job, as well as improving longterm prospects and future earning potential.
Are you inspired to create an exciting opportunity through which your business can nurture, grow and support a young person – getting them started, effectively, in the world of work?

Success Stories
Following the first year of running, students have progressed onto Summer jobs in catering as well as animal care, and have been offered continued placements within local schools, as well as places at local Colleges. Further to this, it has provided students with the opportunity to progress onto A-Levels, providing them with a firm foundation on which to build their continued learning and development.