Year 8 PPE Timetable 2018

YEAR 8 PPE TT 2018. Weds with Science

Year 8 Maths Revision Topic List

Year 8 Maths Topic Revision List PDF Download

Year 8 English

Year 8 English PPE Info and Worksheets

Computing PPE

Students should use BBC bitesize at home to revise for the following topics for the year 8 Computer Science PPE:
  1. How to report cyber abuse
  2. How to add up in binary
  3. How an image is represented in binary
  4. Binary to ASCII conversion
  5. Scratch coding – know the difference between selection, sequence, iteration and what a condition is.


Year 8 Science

Please refer to class charts.

Year 8 Geography

Year 8 Geography PPE Revision Year 8 Geography PPE Revision PDF

Year 8 History PPE

Students have covered two topics this year.

1. Punishment through time
Students should revise the different punishments from different time periods, with a focus of how people were punished.
They should be able to see the changing nature of punishments through the different time periods from Romans through to Industrial Revolution.

2. World War One
Students should revise the long and short term causes of World War One, including the events in Sarajevo.
Students also need to explore the conditions in the trenches and what the soldiers had to endure.

Spanish & French

Revision for PPE FRENCH

Vocab List Year 8 PPE SPANISH

Year 8 Maths End of Year PPE Revision Papers

Foundation Level