The Music department delivers a vibrant and inclusive curriculum. Music lessons take place once a week and are always taught by music specialists. Your child will have access to a whole range of instruments such as keyboard, ukulele, drums, guitar etc. Music lessons are heavily practically based and all students perform, compose and appraise a wide variety of genres. Topics include Sea Shanties, Blues, Minimalism, Jazz, Songwriting, March Music, Music and Media, Gamelan, Samba and African Music.

Students are encouraged to bring in and use any instrument that they may already play but all will have the opportunity to learn a variety of different classroom instruments. We also have a suite of Apple Macs and students will use GarageBand software to create compositions in certain topics.

Music lessons provide opportunity for your child to be creative, to develop self confidence in performing, to collaborate, to communicate and to become resilient learners.

We have an extensive extra-curricular programme: Vocal7, Acapella, Samba Band, Jazz Band, Percussion group, Newquay Strings. Rock groups also rehearse at lunchtimes. There are also opportunities to receive further instrumental tuition from the Music Service. Please contact the Music Department if you have any queries.

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