Year Group Chronicle Overview

Year Group Chronicle

Year Overviews:

Each year group has a Year Chronicle – so called because of our commitment to ensuring that our students understand the narrative and learning process of their whole year. These overviews help you to see what your child will know, experience, learn and have access to in any given year at NT.

To see what will be on offer for your child in each year group, from Year 7 – 11, please see the Year Chronicles to the right of this page that will help your child Communicate Convincingly; Engage Fully; Decide wisely; Achieve Highly.

Learning Journals

Learning Journals:

Behind each unit of work on the chronicles, sit a list of knowledge that the students will know, learn and be able to apply independently. To help with this, these Learning Journals below are a compilation of all knowledge lists, in every subject, for Term1, Term 2, and then Term 3. Students should think about using these Learning Journals to SORT their revision to aid the learning process: